REMEMBERING – Raymond Zmaczynski



RIP - Raymond Zmaczynski, a retired Senn teacher dies at 83 years old.

April 10, 1937 - December 13, 2020.

"Mr. Z" taught at Senn from the late 1960s through the mid- 1990s.
Mr. Z had some health challenges in 2015 which led both to his move to the skilled care floor of his retirement community and diagnosis of PSP (a Parkinson's like disease).
Since Mrs. Z's death in January this year, he had been losing weight steadily, and lost his appetite entirely by the end of November. We also saw him becoming more withdrawn throughout the year, and sleeping most of the day. On doctor's advice we moved him to hospice in mid-November, which let me visit him in person far more easily than I had for most of the rest of the year.  Over the weekend my brother John and I both were able to visit him in person one last time, and we also held one final video call between him and his grandkids on Saturday afternoon before he passed away early Sunday evening.
You can view the obituary here:  Services will be private in accordance with COVID guidelines.
my best to all the Sennites from throughout the years,
Mary Anne Zmaczynski


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  1. My heart goes out to Raymond Zmaczynski’s family. Ray was a teacher who gave his best. He was dedicated to his professor. I will always remember the support and encouragement he gave to me. LOVE TO THE family, Christine Majors(Clayton)

  2. Mr. Zmaczynski was one of the nicest teachers I encountered at Senn. He was always supportive, in spite of me being a truly lousy chemistry student. May he Rest In Peace.

  3. My deepest Condolences to Mr & Mrs. Z’s family. May they both RIP. Prayers for his family. He and Mrs. Z were kind, and always had a smile. Mr. Z was a great Chemistry Professor in my Senior year, 1977. I was able to go into Nursing school with his class as my pre-requisite. They will be remembered and will have them and their family in my prayers.

    Jacqueline Vizuete

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