The Year was 1908 when the actual construction had begun on Senn High School. 

After 5 years of construction, the Senn High School finally opened in February of 1913 with an enrollment of 600 students. 

In the early days, all school sports were played on its front campus, for the North & South (side wings) had not yet existed.

Finally in 1931, the construction of the two side wing halls (north & south) was added to the massive original building. Above is the South wing. 

Above ^ showing the North wing.

Above ^ a construction crane shown in the West end of the school, what is now the back parking lot, (previously Greenview Avenue before it was closed off).

Senn High School’s 1st. Principal Benjamin Buck returned to the school in 1931 to oversee the mass school addition construction project. Benjamin Buck had left Senn in 1928 and became the superintendent of schools. 

At one point, Senn's chimney was the tallest structure in the area.

This was Senn back in 1937. 

Today, 105 years later Senn High School has gone through many vast changes, but its décor and glamour still is a beautiful site. 

Today the front campus is just a beautiful grass park area, where many neighbors walk their dogs and socialize with one another. Trees have been added throughout the campus and some recent trees have even been planted by former principal John T. Martin before his retirement. There is also a memorial rock located in the front campus for Marge Hutchinson a former P.T.S.A. President and teacher’s aide. 

The building itself is a true landmark.