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We are the BULLDOGS,


the Mighty Mighty Bulldogs!


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Mission Statement

The football field is our classroom and the game is our vehicle to teach lifelong lessons, to create memorable experiences and to have fun.
It is the mission of our program to build character in our student-athletes. Attitude, commitment, discipline and sacrifice will be used to build a successful program.
Our plan is to expose student-athletes to a family atmosphere in the hopes that they will build on this tradition and understand the responsibility to hand it down to younger players.
Lastly, our mission is to continuously pursue excellence and overcome adversity. We will always prepare, practice and play to WIN on the field, in the classroom and in the game of life.  

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2013 Mighty Senn Bulldogs

Meet Jessica Velez Senn's 2nd female football player.

Jessica was in the class of 2013 and also a member of the ROTC. 

She went on to join the Navy!


Senior Jessica Velez
5'5" 132 lbs. 
Wide Receiver

Tereca Wood Class of 1996'
*{shown below in back row on left},
is Senn's first female football player.
Awesome job Tereca!

Here's a look at many of the past Mighty Bulldogs Football Teams