This page will post information on all Senn High School related reunions held by individual classes and/or other groups, and in addition we will post the information on our Facebook page, our alumni group page, and Twitter

There will be a *nominal 
fee associated with any advertising of a reunion.

*Fees are required to keep the Senn Alumni website running continuously for the good of the entire alumni. As noted on our donation page, Senn Friends Forever is a volunteer, not for profit organization dedicated to reuniting Sennites of multiple classes. 

All donations made to the alumni organization are used to subsidize our alumni activities and our web site operations.

Senn Friends Forever does not profit from any donations given to us, nor do any of the alumni committee staff receive any pay or financial support.



Please see our Blog message Regarding the Upcoming Senn Alumni Picnic

published 6/30/2020


No upcoming events to report