To purchase online please go to the appropriate amount of frames you wish to order below and click onto the correct PayPal button below. 


  1 Frames  2 Frames  
Frame Price  $    8.50  $16.00
Shipping  $    3.85  $4.25
PayPal Fee  $    0.35 $0.58
Total Price  $12.70   $20.83  

1 - Senn Alumni License Frame

Click here to choose just 1 frame!

2 - Senn Alumni License Frames

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You may avoid PayPal fee’s if you would like by mailing your payment to:

*Make checks payable to:
Senn Friends Forever Alumni

Mail to our treasurer:
Ron Kesselring
c/o Senn Friends Forever
2701 Phelps Ct.
Yorkville, IL. 60560

*when paying by check, please include the following:
Email address, Name, Class year, and Phone number.

You may also avoid shipping costs if you wish to pick up your frame(s) in person.

Please contact Ron at for details.

Located in Yorkville, Il.