Who was Dr. Nicholas Senn?

Nicholas Senn was an a renown surgeon, military doctor, author and so much more.

Senn High School's Contruction

The Year was 1908 when the actual construction had begun on Senn High School...  

The History of Nicholas Senn High School

The 105+ year history of Nicholas Senn High School has been chronicled annually... 

Remember that the past is but the prologue. 

Principal's Alley

This page is dedicated to the great leaders that lead Senn towards excellence. 

Your Favorite Teachers

Our teachers opened our up young minds, 
showing us the wonders of the intellect and the miracles 
of being able to think for ourselves.

Senn Times Newspaper 1913 - 2012

Special Thanks to:
Senn's Librarian 

Hanna Przybylski and 

Gary Howard Parker 

class of 1984 for preserving

these papers

Senn Times Online News 2014 - Present Day

Read the Senn Times Online News

from 2014 - Present Day

Senn Loyalty Song

Do you remember our school song? 


Looking for the Bulldogs Football Schedule? Look no further because...  

People want to know, Who we are, so we tell them… We are the BULLDOGS, the Mighty Mighty Bulldogs

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