In Memoriam – Brenda Harris

A Memorial Service Brenda Harris will be held on December 20th. 

There will be a Prepast from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 

A celebration of her life will follow at 11:30a.m. 

*Everyone from Senn High School please wear your school colors Green and White to represent and to honor Miss Harris.

LOCATION - Power Circle Congregation, 9350 South Chicago Avenue.

16 thoughts on “In Memoriam – Brenda Harris”

  1. Brenda Harris passing is a great loss to those who knew her, to those who worked with her!
    Who can forget her laughter, great sense of humor? She had a very big and compassionate
    heart, always to listen to those who needed to hear a kind word! Rest in peace in God’s big arms!

  2. I remember when I was student and years later when I was on the faculty at Senn. A dedicated educator. Praying that she will dwell in the eternal realms of light.
    Charles Thomas Hayes. Class of 1973

  3. I’m so sorry for the loss of Senn Academy’s legend Ms. Brenda Harris. She meant so much to so many of us. Her presence and essence will be missed in the halls of Senn Academy.

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with her family not just today but in the days to come. She was an amazing teacher. May she rest in peace. The Smith Family

  5. Condolences to her love ones and rest in peace beloved P.E. teacher!
    From Senn Alumni – Class of 1983

  6. I wish it was on Saturday December 21st😪
    I just started back to work & can’t take days off.
    Love & respected Ms. Harris
    RIH MS. HARRIS 💯♥️

  7. Powerful woman, great teacher, best coach. She will be missed. Pom poms to track, she never gave up on us. Rest in peace.
    Patti Hamilton class of ”77”

  8. They say raise up a child as they shall one day become adult. Ms. Harris was strict, funny and loved her students. I should know I stayed in detention and disciplinary office. Just to stay in school, so it’s fair to say she saved my life. Today I’m a decorated Military Veteran, father of three and work as a Physical Instructor molding young ppl into great athletes. Rest well Ms. Harris your foot print are made. Senn Bulldog Class of 1988

  9. I had Ms Harris for gym 2 years in a row. She tried in vein separating myself, Kimberely Kelly and Frances Anne from running our mouths but no dice. She will be missed!

  10. She was a Great woman an a excellent educator. Funny, she was at my sisters high school before Senn. And my older sister, whom was a teacher knew her.

    Herb Little: Senn 77

  11. Ms. Harris I have great memories of her as a mentor and coach. I will never forget her words “ Glod Bless America” . May she Rest In Peace.

  12. Miss Harris helped create a balance between studying and enjoying the social aspects of high school. She loved her work and her students and they loved her in return. It has been a loooooooong time since I last walked the halls of Senn High, but in so many ways, I took so much of Senn with me. Miss Harris is a part of that. RIP Miss Harris. Scheele, Class of ’83.

  13. Here is a special message from her friends and peers at the Illinois Drill Team Association,

    “The Illinois Drill Team Association would like to recognize Brenda Harris and the contributions she made to our organization as a coach and IDTA officer. Brenda began her involvement in the IDTA as the coach of the Senn Academy Senn-sations. Her teams competed in the Pom, Prop and Novelty categories, and she was known for her creativity in those categories. Brenda was a long-time host of the IDTA regional contest held at Navy Pier in Chicago, which was considered one of the most prestigious contests to attend. Brenda also served as a Regional Representative, Special Events Coordinator and ultimately led IDTA as President of the organization. Brenda also received recognition as an IDTA Hall of Fame coach, for her contributions to IDTA and her exemplary leadership qualities.

    Following her tenure as IDTA President, Brenda remained active in IDTA and volunteered her time to work at our State competition for many years.

    Brenda Harris was an advocate for students, dance and flag performers and the Illinois Drill Team Association. She believed in our mission to bring positive opportunities to our teams and coaches. She will be missed.”

  14. They just don’t make them like her anymore. Mrs Harris was a wonderful person. I glad had a chance to be at Senn while we was there- class of 90

  15. It is late February and I’m so sorry that I just found out about Brenda’s passing. I knew her for more than 50 years. She was a kind and generous person as wel as teacher. She gave countless hours of her time beyond what the job required. But teaching at Senn wasn’t a “job” for Brenda. It was her life. She was truly dedicated to the students of Senn High School. We will all miss her greatly.

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