Beloved retired Senn teacher Brenda Harris has died.


March 11, 1947 - November 13, 2019

Our Alumni Committee's Treasurer and beloved Senn teacher has passed away.

There will be a Memorial Service for Brenda after December 7th. *We'll keep you posted.

**About Brenda...

At Senn High School, Brenda was very stern, and it was her way or the highway. Outside of Senn, Brenda was a lovely woman who liked to have fun and she enjoyed her wine socially with her friends and with us on the Senn Alumni Committee. Brenda and I became friends after I graduated Senn like she had done so with many of her students. Brenda even attended my wedding as well as many other students that had invited her.

Around the early 1970’s under the direction of Miss Brenda Harris the Senn Pom-Pon Girls had started. Differentiating themselves from the Twirlers and the Cheerleaders with their pom-pons and their dance moves. The Pon Girls had later become the Senn Sennsations and were a superior ranked team across the state at the national level. The Senn Sennsations had also won numerous awards and competitions.  Winning 1st place at city competitions and placed in the top five at state competitions. See the trophy pictures here> 

There will be a Memorial Service for Brenda after December 7th. *We'll keep you posted.

Additionally, Brenda Harris was the Dean of Students in the 1990’s at Senn as well as the Athletic Director. Prior to that she had lead the boys and girls in Senn Gymnastics Team with a championship win in 1985.


Rest in Peace my dear friend. You'll be missed.

Till we meet again! 💖

So long.

~Ron Kesselring~




9 thoughts on “Beloved retired Senn teacher Brenda Harris has died.”

  1. Rest in Peace, Ms. Harris. She was the gleaming light amongst all the teachers I had at Senn.

  2. Ms Brenda Harris was probably the reason I made it through high school. I am so blessed to have known her later in life to apologize to her for being such a bad teenager. I actually joined the pompom team because it was scary walking home down Thorndale after school. There were several times my friends and I had to literally dodge bullets and avoid fights doing something as simple as trying to get home from school. I had no idea what an impact Ms Harris would have on my life and how much she cared about her girls. I mean who but her would send the police to get you from your classroom to find out why you missed practice? Who would encourage you to be someone more than what you saw yourself being in life? And by encourage, I mean abruptly push you… yes push. I wish I had stayed with her until graduation, but life had other plans for me. Even after meeting up with her again in my late 30’s, I could never bring myself to call her Brenda, even though she asked me to… that’s just how much respect I had for her. I will have a glass of wine for you tonight as I remember her, because that’s the one adult thing I was able to do with her as an adult. You will be greatly missed Ms Harris. ❤

  3. Fond memories of Ms Harris with her bright smile and easy going manner. Rest in peace Ms. Harris.
    Class of 1984.

  4. Another member or our Senn High family goes on before us. Thank you, Miss Harris, for all that you gave us. You will be missed.
    Rest in Peace.

  5. Wow. Sad news to hear. Ms. Harris and I never had the chance to see eye to eye on many occasions. (I cheer/danced for a rival team – let’s just say gym wasn’t the easiest subject lol) However she earned her respect! Her yes was yes and her no was no. For those she adorned she kept them well. She made every student accountable for their own actions. We need more disciplinary positions with her talents in today’s educational system’s. Prayerfully, her passing was blessed by God with no suffering & no pain enchanted by dear friends and loved ones. Rest easy Ms. Harris Danielle Adams

  6. I was a cheerleader from 1974-1976 and Ms Harris had just taken over the PomPon squad. She was a stren disciplinarian and at the same time a beautiful role model. May she rest in peace and my sincere condolences to her family

  7. RIP Coach! You have truly been a blessing in my life!
    Until we meet again!
    Love you!
    Tonya Balark

  8. To the Girls Track Team of the late 70’s – we did it well with our coach by our side.

  9. Ms Harris was a force to be reckoned with. I was secretly afraid of her and unfortunately did not perform well in her gym class. It was a rebelious time for me at Senn. But I had mad respect for her and appreciate her efforts with me. I wish I was a better student then. Rest in peace Ms. Harris. Thank you for trying with me and for all you did. Valla con Dios

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