Senn Hero’s take center stage and recognized by their high school Alumni

With all the chaos that is going on presently around our cities and throughout the country with riots, protests, and mass unemployment all while fighting the corona virus during this pandemic...

let's please take a moment to reflect and give thanks to our brother and sister Sennite Bulldogs who have answered the call of duty and wanted to help make a difference in their own way and let's personally

thank them for helping out their communities.

Today we introduce to you our new website page that will be on going and growing as we are given new information of our members. 


1 thought on “Senn Hero’s take center stage and recognized by their high school Alumni”

  1. Miles Johnson class of 1990 has passed away.

    Miles Johnson was a member of the choir under the leadership of Ms. White.
    During Miles Johnson time at Senn he entertained us all. Miles was loved by all and will be truly Missed.

    Miles leave to mourn: Jaccquie Haselrig (Mother), Bernetta Johnson (Wife), Breonna Johnson (Daughter ), Morgan Johnson (Daughter), Miles Johnson Jr (Son)

    Brothers: Johnathan Hall (Bro), Lotario Jointer (Brother), Keith Nixon (Brother), Sean Swank (Brother)
    Family Members and Countless Friends

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